Feet Plantar Pressure Distribution Among Female School Teachers

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Ayuni Nabilah Alias, Karmegam Karuppiah, Vivien How, Velu Perumal


Plantar pressure measurements have been recognized as a significant information to clinicians and researchers to identify and manage impairments associated with various feet disorders. Objective: To determine the feet plantar pressure distribution among female school teachers. Methods: This research consisted of 124 female school teachers. A self-administered questionnaire and feet plantar pressure measurement have taken place in the data collection. Respondents have been asked to walk at a regular pace for 10 seconds from a fixed starting point while using footwear pressure insole device and pressure measurement was recorded. Results and discussion: The findings show that lateral heel exerted the most pressure in the right and left foot (94 kPa vs 85 kPa) and there were significant differences as the right foot often exerted greater pressure on any part of the foot than the left foot. Conclusion: The significant findings on pressure plantar distribution of foot provides important information about the conditions of teachers who faces with various posture and movement. By revealing this findings, plantar pressure distribution data among school teachers aided the researcher in understanding how distinct pressure values are generated and may be used as baseline data to develop footwear intervention for teachers in future.

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