1. Retraction Charges:

    • In the event of retracting a manuscript, authors bear the responsibility for covering associated fees.
    • Charges for retractions apply to addressing errors, inaccuracies, or ethical concerns post-publication.
    • The fee for retraction is $300, payable by the author or their affiliated institution.
  2. Correction Charges:

    • Correction charges are applicable for minor amendments in published articles that do not require retraction.
    • Authors are accountable for correction charges related to typographical errors or minor inaccuracies post-publication.
    • The correction fee is $300, payable by the author or their affiliated institution.
  3. Payment Process:

    • Authors will receive notifications of charges when the need for retraction or correction is identified.
    • Payment is required within 30 days from notification for the process to proceed.
    • Acceptable payment methods include PayPal, MoneyGram, Bank transfer, Western Union, or Ria Money Transfer.
  4. Waiver Consideration:

    • Waiver requests for retraction or correction charges are not negotiable.
    • Authors must present a detailed justification for waiver requests, subject to approval by the editorial board.
  5. Refund Policy:

    • Charges for retraction or correction are non-refundable once the process is initiated.
    • Refund requests may be evaluated in exceptional cases, contingent on approval by the editorial board.

Upon manuscript submission, authors confirm their comprehension and agreement with the retraction and correction charges delineated in this policy