Assessment Of Student’s Habits Toward Obesity At Primary Schools In Al-Hilla City- Iraq

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Doaa A. Hamad , Ahmed S. Abed, Hussein A.Hadi, Ga GhaidaY. Hassan, Sajad A.Benyan, Zainab K. Harran, Mohammed Q. Hamza, Ali Mahmoud shaker


Obesity in children and adolescents is one of the most serious public health issues due to the consequences of future morbidity. Its prevalence has risen significantly in the majority of countries.

Objectives: To know the extent of this epidemic among our children, and to evaluate students' knowledge about the concept of obesity and to paint a real picture for primary school students in Hilla.

Methods: The study began in October by visiting a group of primary schools in the city of Hilla, and questionnaires were distributed to (224) male and female students, including demographic information for primary school students, in addition to measuring height and weight mainly with questions about the nature of food and drink they eat, the importance of exercising and the number of hours watching TV and the Internet.

Results: The results of the study in the city of Hilla showed that the children's weight was within the normal range, and that most of them exercised and ate fruits and vegetables in return, and drank soft drinks and fast food with a high rate of television watching, and the Internet, which all affect body weight

Conclusion: The results of the study showed that weight rates were normal for primary school students. On the other hand, the results showed some unhealthy practices for students, which may constitute the main cause for their obesity in the future .

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