Prevalence Of COVID-19 Pandemic In Province Of Anbar, Iraq

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Mohammed S. Hussein,Safaa Abed Latef Al Meani, Mohammed Mukhles Ahmed


Study sample of the 1101 patients with "COVID-19" showed that the infection rate of corona virus in men (66.3%) is Twice as high as it is in women(33.7%). According to age factor, patients with ages (26-35) years old were higher significantly compared other ages at (χ2: 60.351, p- value: < 0.01). The distribution of Study sample according to blood types was as follows, 28.34 %, 16.44 %, 14.26 %, 11.63 %, 9.9%, 8.26%, 7.45 %, and 3.72 % for B+, AB+, O+, A+, B-, AB-, A-, O-, respectively.Current study was found the number of cases with blood type B+ was substantially higher than in the other blood groups, while the ratio of number cases with type O- blood in the corona virus infection was substantially lower than other blood groups compared age at P- value: < 0.01. On the other hand, the single patients rate (62.94%) is higher than the married patients rate (37.06%), while the infected non-smokers corona virus infection portion (85.5%) is far higher than the incidence for smokers (17.5%) at statistically < 0.01.



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