The Future Of Afghanistan Under Taliban And Its Doomsday Vision Of South Asia

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Gopalan K.R., Dr. Vezhaventhan D.


A paradigm shift is happening in the Afghanistan as the International community haven't predicted the endgame. Though the end hasn't arrived yet the end of rights for the Afghanistan people has begun and in future Afghanistan might become a safe haven for terrorists. State sponsored Terrorism is going to evolve into Terrorist operated State. The Taliban implemented various norms and practices which were alien to the modern Afghan state in their previous ruling and it doesn't seem to change now either. To avoid Taliban the Pashtuns were under represented and ethnic minorities were given power and external support which made them against the elected government. The progress made by the people of Afghanistan in the past two decades are significant but very fragile and post U.S. withdrawal the country is left with its own State building and the responsibility lies with infamous terrorist group Taliban. This article aims to analyze the Future of Afghanistan with the worldview of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan(Taliban) along with the geo political significance of the country. The study provides information regarding future of Afghanistan, impact on the region and the decline of rights for its people due to the Taliban takeover.  The post withdrawal scenario offers more threats than the opportunities along with the possibility of political instability.

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