Detection And Identification Of An Employee Attrition Using Machine Learning Algorithm

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Thalapaneni Penchala Naidu, Dr. B. Sankara Babu , K Saikumar, Bhavana Godavarthi, Paparao Nalajala


This research paper proposes employee attrition is the major circumstance faced in many organizations or employee while a new employee joins or leaves the organization when they received offers from other organizations. Usually, organization faces this attrition when there is pressing need of employees due to mass retirements or while expanding the organization. Generally, any organization faces higher attrition rate for employment when they have more employment opportunities in market or recession time. Due to the demand for software goods across all industries, the software industry once suffered a significant attrition rate from employers due to large openings globally in the software business. The purpose of this research is to look at how objective elements influence employee attrition in order to figure out what factors influence a worker's decision to leave a company and to be able to predict whether a particular employee will leave the company using Machine Learning Algorithms.

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