Mindfulness Meditation and Effectiveness in Psychological and Physical Problems

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Nirmala.N, Dr.V. Hemavathy


Mindfulness meditation is a relaxation strategy that can be helpful in calming the mind by improve our tendency to try to control our emotions now being examined scientifically found to be key element in stress reduction and overall happiness. Mindfulness meditation focus on facts and objective information about current experiences, including emotions, thoughts, memories and sensations. Our aim is to notice these experiences without judgement or any attempt to change them. We simply observe them, like our own breathing or cloud in the sky . The goal of mindfulness describe all kinds of experiences objectively and non judgmentally, focusing on the facts about the present moment and helps to retrain the brain and not reacting to situations. Mindfulness meditation greatly increase our self awareness,deepen our understanding of how our thoughts and emotions arisen response to stressors and how we tend to react to them. Coping skills improve and we are able to frame problems in the proper perspective, perceive them realistically and solve them effectively rather than falling back on old coping mechanisms such as alcohol or drugs. Through mindfulness meditation we become better able to delink action from impulse which helps rewire those old reward-motivation neural circuits that have been driving our surrender to unhealthy impulses and craving. A western philosophers described a mindful path to become more aware of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. This article intends to present the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation practice in the physical health, mental health and social well being of the human being.

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