Inculcation Of Integrity Values Among Secondary School Students Through History Subject

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Jaya Murugan Chandran, Abd Razak Zakaria, Zaharah Hussin


This study was conducted to examine the extent to which the application of integrity values among secondary school students is implemented through the teaching and facilitation of History subjects. This study is also different from previous studies that are more focused on moral values in other subjects. This study was conducted in the city of Seremban involving three cluster schools and form four students as the study sample. Besides, the teachers selected as the study sample were those who had at least eight years of experience teaching History subjects. Qualitative methods were used in the study to obtain detailed information on the implementation of the application of integrity values through PdPc History subjects. Study data obtained from the PdPc observation of History subjects, interviews, and SKPMG2 documents of History teachers were referred to in the triangulation of study findings. Open-ended questions were also given to students to assess the PdPc of History subject teachers. The findings of the study show that as a result of the three methods used, students were given exposure to the content of History subjects along with the value of integrity. It is applied in their learning and facilitation and behavior in school. Pupils were found to have a high spirit to delve into topics in History subjects with different methods. Pupils were confident that various strategies and methods can attract and increase their interest and create a learning environment that can instill the value of integrity in themselves. In conclusion, although teachers have applied the value of integrity, some topics of History subjects still need to improve the content to include the elements of patriotism. Quality student outcomes can be formed with the application of integrity values through more effective teaching and learning methods and strategies. Our country will also be able to achieve the status of a country free from the grip of corruption and malpractice.

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