In-Situ Tool Performance Evaluation in Drilling using Infrared Thermography

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Venkata Sridhar Annavarapu, Srinivasa Prasad Balla, VVNR Chandra Mouli Karaka


Most of the drills used today are manufactured from solid carbide primarily due to their high power, which is important for the intermittent drilling cutting action. A significant explanation for the incidence of damage is accelerated wear of the instrument due to the abrasive workpiece materials. This results in repeated modifications of the drill that impact the manufacturing cycle and increase the final cost. Drill geometry is an important aspect that defines the consistency of the hole being drilled. This paper focuses of characterizing the drill tool performance using real time tool condition monitoring (TCM). Recommendations are given to assist in the selection of the appropriate drill for the desired criterion of hole quality by clearly focuses on the relationship between the diameter of the drills and the tool temperature in drilling of IS3048 steel.

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