A Study to find out the Association between Academic Stress and Mental Health Disease Symptoms in Chinese Teenagers in Late Elementary And Secondary Schools

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Zhi Chao Wang , Chong Yuen Sang , Narasimha Rao Vennalakanti


Adolescents in China and other Asian nations face significant amounts of academic stress, despair, and anxiety as a result of this. Academic stress has been linked to depression and anxiety, according to several research. Limited research has examined these factors over the whole teenage age range, however (10 to 19 years). It would also be useful to look into the possible moderating effects of residence type on Shenzhen residents' "levels of academic stress, depression, and anxiety, given the city's substantial non-Shenzhen resident" population.

Researchers in Shenzhen, China, conducted this study to see if there was a link between high "academic stress and depression and anxiety" symptoms in young people. It was also a goal to find out which demographic factors are associated with higher "levels of academic stress, depression, and anxiety. Third, the" research sought to determine if gender and type of residence had any moderating influence on the academic stress, sadness, and anxiety experienced by teenagers.

Graduate student sadness and anxiety were found to be correlated with high levels of academic stress in the linear regression studies. Studying at a higher grade level, having a lower GPA, and not having "enough pocket money were all found to be risk factors for academic stress, according to the research. Female gender, less years in Shenzhen, low academic achievement, high levels of academic stress, higher grade levels, not living in one's own housing, and coming from a broken family were shown to be risk factors for depressive symptoms, according to the research. A woman's vulnerability to anxiety symptoms was exacerbated by high levels of scholastic stress and being in higher" grades.

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