A study to determine the most important variables of patient satisfaction in the case hospital

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Zhong Jin Liu, Yusnidar Binti Tajul Ariffin, Misliah Binti Ahmad


As the number of hospitals in China grows and the demand for high-quality medical treatment increases, hospitals are being encouraged to maintain their standards by adhering to national criteria and to continually enhance their patient service. Most clinical cases in many underdeveloped nations are not effectively identified, treated, or monitored subsequently, according to some estimates.

Healthcare facilities sometimes struggle to meet the demands of patients who have diverse requirements or desires. Prioritize the whole experience of patients as well as the hospital itself, such as better presentation, more visits, and a better reputation to enhance patient satisfaction. When patients are satisfied, they are expressing themselves in a variety of ways about their subjective dimensions of experiences. It is possible to discover which areas of a hospital's operations could be improved based on patient feedback.

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