A study to analyze the placing behind the eHRSS security architecture of the principle of privacy protection

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Feng geng, Salmiah binti shafie, Suzana binti shukor


To guarantee that healthcare services in Hong Kong are of high quality and effective, human resources development is a key focus for the healthcare industry. However, the current eHR development in Hong Kong is mostly focused on healthcare providers in the public sector, such as the hospitals and clinics run by HA and DH (the city's health authorities). Most private hospitals and clinics are still utilising paper-based health records. Other healthcare providers may have their own eHR systems, but they are all disconnected.

It will be examined in this dissertation how the eHR system has developed in Hong Kong's public and private sectors, as well as the issues that healthcare providers and patients face.

The HKSAR government also offers support for the development of eHR in governance and financial issues. An eHR Office has been established under the Food and Health Bureau to help with coordination of the development of an eHR sharing system among healthcare providers. The eHR office will keep tabs on how the eHR development process is progressing. Because HA has a well-established

Medical records are handled electronically at public institutions on a regular basis using the well-known Clinical Management System (CMS). HKSAR counts on HA's expertise in eHR deployment as a critical resource.

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