Study on Naas Rated Journals in the Field of Family Resource Management

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V. Vijaya Lakshmi, E. Shirin Hima Bindu, Ch. Sneha Latha, M. Milcah Paul, N. Pavani


Family Resource Management (FRM) is a field of study about changes and transitions that take place in the family, society and environment with reference to resource generation, distribution and management in order to improve the quality of life of families in particular and society in general. Research areas in FRM discipline includes Resource management, Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Principles, Women’s Empowerment and Gender studies, Family and Environment, Consumerism and Traditional art and craft. So much of research is being done in these areas which need to be shared with scientific community for which different journals are available. Mostly these journals are of two types -one is with impact factor and another is with NAAS rating. All the researchers have the option to publish in these two types of journals which help in assessing the quality of research for equality when any scholar applies for either a new post or for higher post for promotion. Hence the present study was taken up to explore the availability of NAAS rated scientific journals to publish research articles in the field of FRM. However it was found that very few directly related journals are available be it in offline or online mode.

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