Increasing The Safety Of The Vehicle Driver Using The Braking Distance Detectors

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Tatiana I. Belova, Vladimir E. Torikov , Alexander V. Titenok, Olga E. Shirobokova, Elena V. Starchenko


The main causes of collisions during road traffic accidents due to violations of traffic rules by drivers of road vehicles are insufficient response speed of the braking system and an inopportune response of the driver to the presence of an obstacle. This increases the risk of injury. By using a device for determining the braking distance,we can reducethe risk of injury to drivers. The device can improve the accuracy of determining the braking distance value, as well as the driver’s awareness in the process of movement and prompt response to obstacles along the way. The dynamic gaugefor vehicles moving in a column is determined by their length and safety distance, which depends on the specific road conditions, the speed of the braking onset and the nature of the movement. The safety distance is determined by the reserve distance between the road vehicles, the distance traveled during the driver’s reaction time on braking and by braking distance. The algorithm of the experimental setup with the use of the proposed device andits speed of operation will eliminate the distance traveled by the road vehicle during the driver's reaction time, which will significantly reduce the risk of collision. The electronic unit contains analytical dependencies for determining the magnitude of the braking distance. It takes into account the real road conditions duringthe road vehicle movement, the value of the safe distance between the vehicles. The initial data for determining the critical distance between cars come from the unit for determining the distance, which produces the signal about the real distance between cars, automatically activating the brake actuator, warning the driver about the collision danger.

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