Overview On Permanent Tooth - A Cross Sectional Survey Among Ug Dental Students

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Fharreeha Fathima Anees, Dr. Priyadharshini, Dr. Suganya.P


Background - Human jaw consists of 32 teeth namely incisors, canine, premolars and molars. The first permanent tooth to erupt is the maxillary first molar at 6-7 years and the last is the third molar around 22-23 years. Each tooth is unique with its own morphology, calcification, eruption.

Aim -  To assess the knowledge about permanent teeth among first year dental students.  Materials and methods- The online survey was conducted among first year dental students of a private dental college. The  questionnaires were circulated using google forms. The data obtained are tabulated and statistically analysed through spss software (version 23).

Results - In our study, 96% of them were aware about calcification of the maxillary and mandibular first molars. In our study, males (52% )  have more knowledge about permanent teeth when compared to females( 48%) The association between the gender and percentage of response for permanent tooth eruption gives a p-value of 0.521( p value > 0.05) in pearson chi square test and hence it is statistically not significant.

Conclusion- This study concluded that first year students have adequate knowledge on calcification, eruption and morphology of permanent teeth. However, males answered many questions correctly when compared to female students.

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