First Order Kinetics - Photo Catalytic Action of TiO2 on Decolonization of Dilute Methyl Orange Solution – A Simple Eco-Friendly Approach

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A. Kistan, A. Premkumar, V. Kanchana, N. K. Geetha


The Eco-friendly approach towards the photo-catalyzed degradation of methyl orange in TiO2 suspension was carried out using sources of irradiation Hg Vapor lamp (ecofriendly); four different concentrations of very dilute aqueous Methyl orange were used with Hg Vapor lamp at constant pH = 4. The photo-catalytic processes were influenced by the concentrations of methyl orange dye solution. The % of degradation  from orange to pale color very high at pH- 4 & [TiO2] = 30mg / 50ml  with  120 minutes (irradiating time) is irreversible and  color degradation rate of the Methyl-orange followed the pseudo-first order kinetics. This technique was carried out by using Shimadzu UV-Visible 1601 spectrometer and the Photo-reactor - cylindrical cell with optical windows 160w (Hg vapor lamp medium pressure). The photocatalytic activity of the catalysts (TiO2) was examined using UV-visible spectrophotometer (Model: Shimadzu UV-Visible 1601. 

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