Visual Factors On Social Media Influence Youth Tourist Purchasing Decision: A Meta-Analysis Review

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Loh Ngiik Hoon , Natasha binti Rusdy Wong , Ahmad Azaini Abdul Manaf


The increasing trend of young tourists today is a global phenomenon due to the influence of social media and new technologies, as in the case of traveler’s destination choice and making a purchase decision. Short form video is another new trend such asTikTok, Instagram and Facebook platform which are growing fastest worldwide. Due to the fact that youth tourists are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals,therefore creating tourism product awareness and its visual impact on social media acts important to capture their attention,especially during this covid-19 pandemicperiod. This study aims to figure out the perception of youth tourists and visual features on social media that affecting their purchase intentionbefore visiting in a destination. This paper provides significant information for tourism productsthat can be broughtup globallyvia social media platforms.

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