Coronavirus: Factual Fiction or Fictional Facts?

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David A. Jones


Late in 2019 the “Coronavirus” struck in Asia followed by Europe and North America then almost everywhere, becoming a global Pandemic. With this, a set of events followed that seem to reflect negatively upon some governments, their intelligence services, national Healthcare managers, and their national security. World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) personnel reacted too slowly, Chinese authorities delayed reporting emergence of an epidemic in China, eventually it was reported that the United States funded some of the Wuhan Virology Laboratory research plus provided virus samples to the Chinese. Thereafter followed a sequence of events addressed in this article, culminating with vaccinations required for some, unavailable to others, seemingly made available to the affluent or the lucky at the expense of ethnic and racial minorities together with the poor generally.

Keywords. China, Coronavirus, Pandemic, Vaccines.

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