Effect of CSR activities on brand equity: Through the trust of a company's brand

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Sang-Ok Kim, Bum-Suk Lee, Jung-Gun Lee


By analyzing the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and brand assets, this study re-examines the need to comprehensively consider environmental, economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities of companies through these social responsibility activities. It is of great significance in that it is looking at the relationship between brand assets through trust in the brand. The social responsibility factors of the independent variable were composed of environmental and community responsibility, legal/ethical responsibility, and charitable/economic responsibility based on item relevance, and in the case of brand assets, brand satisfaction and word of mouth, brand awareness and competitiveness were used as dependent variables. As a result of the study, CSR activities not only directly affect brand trust, but also significantly affect consumers' recognition, competitiveness, satisfaction, and word of mouth, and based on these findings, practical and theoretical implications and future research directions were discussed.

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