Awareness Related To Healthy Food Habits During Covid-19 Pandemic- A Cross-Sectional Survey

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S. Jeswin Immanuel , Dr. Gheena S , Dr. S. Sandhya


AIM: To assess the impact of COVID outbreak on food lifestyle among the general population.

BACKGROUND: Documentation of the changes in food habits and knowledge about healthy food options creates awareness about better ways of improving immunity during COVID-19 pandemic.

 MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross sectional study was conducted among the general population. Random sampling is used to minimize the sampling bias. The standard questionnaire is used and  circulated through online mode. SPSS software was used to tabulate and analyze the collected data. The Pearson chi-square test was used to correlate the gender and questions relating to healthy food habits. RESULTS: A total of 103 people were involved in the study. 65% of the participants were males and 35% were females. Majority(90.36%) of the population was aware of a healthy lifestyle and diet; only 9.64% weren't aware. 48.19% of participants agreed that they had reduced their intake of fat or oil related foods  and 46.99% to a decrease in intake of fat or oil related foods. On the other hand 46.99% responded to an increase in intake of fat or oil related foods.

CONCLUSION: The overall awareness of the study participants were good. It was found that intake of junk foods, stress was increased during covid pandemic which shows that covid pandemic had a negative effect on a healthy food lifestyle.

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