Monitoring And Optimization Of Drilling Process Parameters Using Gaintegrated With Semi-Empirical Method And Hole Quality

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Nakandhra kumar R. S. , Balaji Ramachandran , V. Parthasarathy , Vasudev K. L. , C. Edwin Samuel , Anirudh Srinivas Vellimedu


Monitoring tool wear and the cutting area during the drilling process is not easy: The development of robust and semi-empirical methods to make the drilling operation a fully automated machining process is therefore desirable [1]. The literature has identified two possible ways of utilizing tools that affect the drilling process: (a) underutilization of a tool which results in frequent tool change and longer machine downtime, thereby reducing the system productivity and increasing the cost. (b) over utilization of a tool, which affects, the work-piece quality, surface finish and dimensions and disrupts the automated drilling process. From these studies, one can conclude that tool condition monitoring systems are imperative for the measurement of the progress of tool wear along with surface roughness measurement.

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