Analysis of Spatial Patterns of Smallholder Cocoa Plants in the Mondoke Mountain Area in East Kolaka Regency

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Hasbullah Syaf, Laode Muhammad Harjoni Kilowasid , Jufri Karim, Putu Arimbawa, Yuhanin Zamrodah Suarna Samai


The Mondoke Mountains are a mountain morphological unit located in East Kolaka Regency and most of them are in Lambandia Subdistrict. This sub-district is a cocoa center in East Kolaka Regency in particular and generally in Southeast Sulawesi. During its development, production has decreased due to old cocoa age, attack by pests and plant diseases as well as land-use change. To restore the glory of cocoa in East Kolaka, then integrated planning is needed with accurate data and information starting from the presence of cocoa through the actual and potential spatial patterns of cocoa plants. This research was conducted for four months from July to November 2019. The research method used is a survey through analysis of high-resolution satellite imagery and direct observation in the field. The distribution pattern of plants is seen from the approach of land use of forest, settlements, mixed gardens, rice fields and moor and other infrastructure. The research results showed that the actual and potential land spatial patterns of smallholder cocoa plant were concentrated in their development locations. The area of Lambandia Subdistrict is 20.128 Ha and has actual land for smallholder cocoa plants covering an area of 12.391,35 Ha and a potential land area of 4.622,51 Ha and the remaining 3114.14 which is used for settlements, forests, rice fields and other land use activities. It is recommended that for potential lands for development, a technology review should be carried out considering the limiting factors for the growth and production of smallholder cocoa plants are quite heavy and a lot.

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