Protocol For Clinical Pharmacists To Perform And Detect SARSCov-2 Tests In Pharmacies

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Layza Sá Rocha, Denise Caroline Luiz Soares , Nitesh Singh , Teresinha De Jesus Aguiar dos Santos Andrade , Eduardo Benedetti Parisotto , Valter Aragão do Nascimento


WHO declared Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 and while rapid tests kits (RTKs) were developed quickly, the spread of the SARSCoV-2 virus continues to be a concern. In this scenario as a tentative of mass testing and prevent the collapse in the health system
some countries decided to use the community pharmacist for testing. Unfortunately, despite the public's faith in these practitioners,
there is no specific guide material for them, so they had to learn through their own day-to-day experiences and nearly a year after
there is still no clear guidance material for them. This protocol was created throughout adaptations from guide materials for
laboratories from Brazil, India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, WHO and personal experiences. Differences in RTKs conducted, how to
screen for the most suitable examination, a proper anamnesis, how to perform the tests correctively, biosafety are all new concepts
placed in this protocol as these are the key concerns that these experts have when they were assigned this new and vital job. During
the pandemic pharmacists are showing their major importance in combating this world public health crises as performing tests, be
first and last place where population seeks for guidance and treatment and now in vaccination.

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