Study Clinical Manifestations And Computerized Tomography Characteristics Of Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients In The First 6 Hours After Symptom Onset

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Nguyen Huy Ngoc , Nguyen Quang An


Purpose became the description of the clinical characteristics and signs of acute ischemic stroke patients in a computerized tomography study at the first 6 hours after symptom onset.
Materials and Methods: There were analyzed data of 134 acute ischemic stroke patients in the first 6 hours in 108 hospitals in time of a year observation. Have been described the clinical characteristics of acute ischemic stroke patients (history of the disease, neurologic deficits of sudden onset, time of onset) early computerized tomography images signs, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale scores, Alberta stroke program early computerized tomography scores. The average age of the observed patients was 64.3512.37, from 21-85.
Results: Was fixed the common history of disease caused the acute ischemic stroke. The causes were hypertension (55.2%) and atrial fibrillation (27.6%). Clinical manifestations of acute ischemic stroke have included unilateral paresis (95.5%), aphasia (70.9%), and Facial palsy (91%). Consciousness was fixed in 68.9%. Other characteristics include headache, dizziness, and gaze preference were at a low rate. The National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale score averages 17.37±6.8. In the computerized tomography image: 55.22% of patients had a reduced contrast attenuation of the cerebral parenchyma, 70.89% had large blood vessels occlusion, 81.35% had a frontal cerebral artery. Average Alberta stroke programme early computerized tomography scores 7.87±1.39. Clinical characteristics of the vertebrobasilar arterial system stroke were coma, dizziness. Signs of large vessel occlusion were coma, gaze preference, and language disorders.
Conclusions: Clinical symptoms of acute ischemic stroke patients in the first 6 hours were abundant. However, the most common signs were unilateral paresis, facial palsy and language disorders. Nearly half of patients with acute ischemic stroke in the first 6 hours had no lesions on computerized tomography imaging.

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