A Prospective Observational Study to Evaluate the Incidence and Etiology of Facial Papules in Middle-Aged Female Patients Attending Dermatology OPD in a Tertiary Care Hospital

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Dr. Surya K.P, Dr. Jayakar Thomas


Face is an important area of concern in aspects of health and disease. Facial appearance of an
individual provides primary identity to a person. Any lesions on the face provoke more anxiety and seeks
early medical need.
Facial papules are a common finding in dermatology OPD’s, wherein few are symptomatic while
a vast majority of them are asymptomatic. Papules being an elevated solid lesion of skin less than 1 cm
in diameter must be also evaluated based on shape, colour, umblication, distribution, configuration and
presence of tenderness. Facial papules may be the presenting feature of several conditions, including
inflammatory, photosensitive, infective and granulomatous disorders as well as benign and malignant
neoplasms. The various differentials for papular facial disorders at the given age group will include
rosacea, discoid lupus erythematosus, granulosisrubranasi, granulomatous perioral and facial dermatitis,
lichenoid dermatitis, acne agminata, sarcoidosis, Jessner's lymphocytic infiltrate, papular solar elastosis
and rarely, polymorphous light eruption.The differentiation between these entities requires clinical,
histopathological and laboratory evaluation.
Treatment options will include medical and surgical interventions. Medical management
involves topical therapy and systemic drugs based on the aetiology . This includes keratolytics, retinoids,
antifungals, antibiotics, vitamin D analogues and antimitotics. Surgical methods include radiofrequency
ablation, cryotherapy, lasers, etc. Most of the cases are asymptomatic and the symptomatic cases seek
medical attention mainly due to cosmetic concern.
The objective of the study is to evaluate the incidence of different causes of facial papules in
female patients attending Dermatology OPD in Chettinad hospital and research institute and to estimate
their frequencies, duration, clinical significance and their effect on quality of life .
Materials and Methods
Women above 30 years attending the skin OPD at Chettinad hospital and research institute are
subjected to a detailed history taking and dermatological examination. If diagnosed to have facial
papules; a photographic documentation is done1
. Further enquiry and examination is done to analyse
the aetiological factors responsible for the occurrence of the facial papule. The recruited patients
consenting for the study were thus subjected to full history taking, general dermatological examination
and photographic documentation. Data entry was done on MS Excel and data analysis done in SPSS 22

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