Analysis Of The Dental Morbidity Of The Population Of A Large City (Moscow) According To The Data Of The Appeal

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Demuria Lyubov Edvardovna , Lyubimova Ekaterina Eduardovna , Melikyan Ivan Artemovich


Materials of dental morbidity of the population according to the data of treatment and prevention institutions are very important for the purposes of current and future planning of dental care. Despite the fact that the materials of the referral rate most often can not give a complete picture of the so-called "true morbidity" of the population, they are, nevertheless, absolutely indispensable for determining the frequency of outpatient visits in a variety of forms of dental and oral pathology.
Of particular relevance are the issues of studying the current state and prospects for the further development of dental services operating in the territories of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, with the development of scientifically based recommendations for optimizing the system for providing the population with affordable and qualified dental care in the required volume and of high quality.
Taking into account this circumstance, the article provides an in-depth study of the appeal of the population of Moscow for dental care and obtaining information that allows us to assess the age-sex and social sections.

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