Adaptive Governance In Terms Of The Limboto Lake Management Network

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Muh. Firyal Akbar Alwi , Nur Indrayati Nur Indar and Muhammad Tang Abdullah


The purpose of this study was to determine Adaptive Governance in terms of the Limboto Lake Management Network. This study uses a qualitative deductive approach. The results of this study indicate that the analysis of adaptive governance in the management of Lake Limboto in Gorontalo Regency has weaknesses in terms of coordination and synergy of programs related to lake management, especially between the civil sector and the government and the network as a feature of adaptive governance by looking at the flow of resource exchange from each sector as well. implementation has not been effective, especially in the civil sector, each party plays a role in the management of the lake. The AG feature is considered not to fully represent the management of Lake Limboto, especially the Network feature. The NG concept used recommends that in an effort to streamline the management and rescue strategies of Lake Limboto, namely by creating an integrated and integrated special institution so that coordination regarding the Limboto Lake problem can be more centralized.

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