Effectiveness Of Paste Based Moringa Oleifera To Increase Calcium Levels Human Tooth (In Vitro)

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Risnayanti Anas , Indrya Kirana Mattulada , Fuad Husain Akbar , Lenny Indriany , Nur Asmah , Erna Irawati , Mohammad Dharma Utama


Objective: To investigate of potential of moringa oleifera paste as a new material for remineralization. Material and Methods: Total of 27 samples was collected and divided into three groups (9 samples each). Group 1 as pretest data, group 2 application of paste based moringa moringaoleifera, and group 3 application of calcium phosphopeptide amorphous phosphate (cpp-acp) which was further analyzed for calcium content using atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS). Then all groups analyzed by using Pre-test and Post-test with Control Group Design. Results: The research results in the average rate of calcium has showed paste based Moringa Oleifera has higher calcium level compared to Pre-test groups and the CPP-ACP group. However, based on the one way ANOVA statistical test did not show significant value because (P > 0.05).Conclusion: with the in vitro condition choosen, paste based moringa oleifera effective increasing calcium levels of human teeththan the Pre-test and cpp-acp group even though in insignificant amounts.

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