Assessment The Interaction Effect Oftio2nps And Some Short Chain Fattyacids On Immunity And Gut Microbiota Balance In Laboratory Rats

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Ali H. A. Alsumaidaie , Karkaz M. Thalij , Mohammed J. Mohammed


This study was conducted in the laboratories of Food Science Department, College of Agriculture and Animal House of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Tikrit University for the period from 1stOctober-2020 to end of April-2021 to aimed of evaluate the effect of interaction between TiO2NPs synthesized by Fusarium oxysporum and Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)as Acetic (C2), Propionic (C3) and Butyric acid (C4), when orally dosage to laboratory rats that induced immunosuppression with Sandimmune on the level of immunoglobulins and interleukins as well as the estimation of gut microbial balance of laboratory rats.The results showed the formation of TiO2NPs through the use of biosynthesis of the filter Fusarium oxysporum to convert the primary compounds Ti (NO3)4 into their nanoparticles with the average size at 54.70 nm. The animal’s group of immunosuppression induced (G2) were significantly (p<0.05) caused in decreased the IgG, IgA andIL-6 concentration, which at 856, 134 (mg/dL) and1.35 (Pg/ml)respectively compared to the animals control group (G1) that at 1026, 177 (mg/dL) and 2.26 (Pg/ml) respectively. the orally dosage fromTiO2NPs and each of SCFAs were significantly affects in increased the IgG, IgA and IL-6 concentration to became significantly similar of its parameters in animals control group.The results showed that the total counts of bacteria, Coliform were significantly increased, while lactic acid bacteria (LAB) were significantly decreased in the G2 groupand appeared at log 9.73, 3.49 and 8.91cfu/gof intestine compared with the its account in G1 which was at log 6.68, 4.30 and 7.04cfu/g, while the orally dosage from TiO2NPs and each of SCFAs at the G3-G9, were caused in increased the LAB and decreased the total bacteria and Coliform accounts in the animal’s intestine.

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