Trusted Optimum Path Selection Using Channel And Node Aware Routing In Manet

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Dr. M. Saravanan ,Kamjula Lakshmi Kanth Reddy ,Dr. R. Senthil Nadhan , K. Vasanth Kumar , B. Sundaramurthy , Dr. G. Karthik


In reactive AOMDV protocol, an existing path fails as intermediate node along the path becomes unavailable due to its low energy level or when the node moves out of coverage .The packet delivery ratio is also affected by external noise interference or malicious behavior of nodes. To overcome this drawbackwe proposeTrusted Optimum Path Selection Using Channel And Node Aware Routingfor packet transmission in multiple path from source to destination. The AOMDV reactive routing protocol is used to find multiple paths from source to destination. Best path from available multiple path is selected based on the following criteria.1)The signal to noise ratio along the path are sensed and noisy channel are avoided. 2) Energy level of the nodes is analyzed and a node with sufficient energy level is alone taken.3) The malicious nodes are identified and removed based on their behavior using watchdog timer technique. 4) Node with high mobility isrejected as it makes link failure when it moves out of coverage. Thusmultiple bestpaths are selected based on channel analyzing, mobility and energy level estimation of nodes and malicious node detection and removal. Then either packets are routed along multiple best path from source to destination or delay factor is calculated among the multiple best path and optimum path with less delay factor is selected of packet transmission. This will increase throughput, packet delivery ratio, reduces delay and also provide security for data transmission.

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