Problems Of Development Of Modern Cinematography In Uzbekistan

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Asliddin Sh. Ortikov


this article provides information on the problems of the development of modern cinema in our country and their solutions. The role and importance of the artist in the art of cinema is widely emphasized.
It is important to note the importance of the expressiveness of color in modern Uzbek cinema and the ability to create a general mood in them. Each color used must have its own meaning and philosophy. Not only simple, but also complex and unique colors can be interesting for the viewer if used. It is the important task of us, the artists, to create films that objectively analyze today's reality, its basic principles, boldly introduce the image of the heroes of the new historical period into feature films, create films that can give the audience spiritual and aesthetic pleasure and, of course, full use of color. In the Uzbek film criticism, the work of artists in modern films of Uzbekistan was studied for the first time. This article serves as a source for solving the problems of visual solutions of modern Uzbek films

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