Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

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S.Saradhadevi, Dr.V.Hemavathy


OCD is classified in the DSM-IV-TR as an anxiety disorder. It is characterized by distressing intrusive obsessive
thoughts and / or repetitive actions which may be physical or mental acts that are clinically significant. Obsessive-compulsive
disorder is a chronic mental illness that can have a debilitating effect on daily functioning. A body of research reveals altered
sleep behavior in OCD sufferers; however, findings are inconsistent and there is no consensus on the nature of this relationship.
The current study investigated whether individuals with delayed sleep phase disorder report elevated symptoms of OCD and
have greater difficulty inhibiting intrusive thoughts than do individuals without Delayed sleep phase disorder. Sleep
disturbances are also prevalent in obsessive-compulsive disorder as up to 48% of patients report these disturbances Previous
research in OCD suggests that there is an association between specific sleep behaviors and clinical characteristics such as the
severity of obsessive- symptoms, treatment resistance and age of onset of the disorder.

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