Enhancing Writing Skills In Esl Learners Through The Techniques Of Scaffolding

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Dr. K.V.B. Ravindra Babu , Dr. G. Nageswara Rao , Dr. Dasam Sridevi


Tasks provide better opportunities for the learners by engaging them in meaningful language use. The technique of scaffolding offers support to the learners and provides inputs by breaking the complex tasks into comprehensible units. The learners process the information through the interaction with ‘more knowledgeable others’ and collaborate with peers during the accomplishment of the tasks. The present paper shares the research findings on ‘Using Scaffolding as a Technique to Enhance ESL Learners’ Language Proficiency at Tertiary Level: A Task-based Approach’. It presents the impact of scaffolding techniques in improving the writing skills of the learners.

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