Overcoming Emesis Gravidarum By Consuming Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Var. Rubrum)

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Bunga Tiara Carolin , Meidy Regita Putri


Objectives: Determine the effect of g inger for women with Emesis Gravidarum.
Methodology: This research was quasi experimental with the design used being one group pretest posttest .
The sample in this study was the first t rimester pregnant women consi s t ing of 34 women who were selected
by the total sampling technique. Emesis gravidarum measurement used wa s the PUQE 24 instrument.
Univariate and bivariate data analys e s w performed with Paired T Test
Results: The average emesis score before the intervention of g inger is 10.74 and most are in the category of
moderate nausea and vomiting 76.5%. The average emesis score after a ginger intervention is 6.88 and most
are in the variet y of m ild nausea a nd vomiting, 52.9%. There is an effect of giving g inger to women with
emesis gravidarum.
Conclusions and Recommendations: Ginger is effective in reducing e mesis of the gravidarum. It is expected
that health workers can provide information to pregnant wome n who experience n ausea and vomiting that
consume g inger at the correc t dose and the right way to reduce nausea and vomiting.

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