Delineation Of Selected Women In Protest Poetry In The PostIndependence South Africa: A Feministic Orien

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Mphoto Mogoboya , Pitsi Pheme


Throughout the world, protest poets have been the nations voice of conscience and among those were women (Srestha,
2000). They have resiliently served as the champions for the rights of the oppressed and downtrodden to the point of
incarceration, exile and torture against unfair systems. This study, therefore, strives to depict selected women in protest
poetry in the post-independence South Africa from a Feministic orientation. It further acknowledges the significant role
played by women in the fight against social injustice As a politically and socially conscious breed whose role is
marginalised by their male counterparts, these South African female post- apartheid protest poets have from the very
beginning, claimed their struggle credentials by persistently resisting the South African oppressive apartheid regime and
patriarchy by bravely capturing in words and disseminating the horrors and the injustices unleashed against them by
the government (Simmons, 2015). Exploratory research design was employed to guide the qualitative research approach
in this study. The selected female poets delineated in this study were selected through the use of purposive sampling
because of their relevance. The poems were analysed through thematic textual analysis technique. The
recommendation is that all women should be galvanised into active participation against any form of discrimination in

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