A Remarkable Agricultural Work In Afghanistan: A Case Study Of Dr. Steven Kwon’s Educational Leadership

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Jeong-mun Guk , Jun-ki Chung


Afghans are suffering indescribably in one of the world's poorest countries. In Afghanistan, long-lasting political and
social instability have caused poverty as a result of foreign occupation and civil wars among Afghani populations. Most
Afghans are farmers, but ironically there is never enough food, so many of them die of malnutrition. A large number of
widows and orphans born during long civil wars have no way to support themselves. In response to this tragic reality, a
Korean-American, Dr. Steven Kwon, entered Afghanistan and started a "miraculous agriculture revolution." His ministry
of soybean cultivation is solving a large part of Afghanistan's hunger crisis. It is the goal of this study to demonstrate
that Dr. Kwon's educational leadership is responsible for his fruitful work.

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