Effectiveness APMOL Integrated With JMOL As Technology Media Learning Based On Augmented Reality In The Subject Of Geometry Molecule

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Lelya Hilda , Tata Herawati Daulae , Rosimah Lubis , Ghifari Raihan Arafah , Syafnan


Education quality is affected by how students’ creativity works on creating innovation and also by character of
the teacher itself. Therefore, indifference to one of the conditions bring in education problem. Chemistry gives
anxiety to students especially senior high school students because of many abstract illustrations used, moreover
learning about geometry molecule. High-school students cannot understand how to create the form of the
molecule, and also be required to remember all of the formula Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR).
The type of research is Research and Development (R&D) method, which produces application based on
Augmented Reality and integrated with JMOL (computer software for molecular modelling chemical structures)
that operate by showing three dimensions structure of molecule. APMOL is designed for android users, and it
will be expanded for IOS and PC. Studies on practicing in four Indonesian senior high schools indicate that APMOL
utilization gives a significant impact on student comprehension. The result shows that impact at sig < 0.05, which
it proves that APMOL can be used as technology media learning to increase the quality of education

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