Cocoa Powder Competitiveness In Industry Medium Scale Using The Policy Analysis Matrix (Pam)

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Nur Asyik , Usman Rianse , Tamrin , Prima Endang


The study aims to determine the competitiveness of cocoa powder in the medium industry (Chocolate
Processing Factory, Food Science and Technology). The types and sources of research data are primary
data and secondary data. Research data collection techniques used direct interviews and literature
studies. Research variables include tradable inputs, non-tradable inputs, private prices, social prices, and
production. Analysis of the data used the Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM). The results showed that cocoa
powder in the Intermediate Industry (Chocolate Processing Factory, Food Science and Technology) is
competitive at the social price level or has a comparative advantage with the Domestic Resource Cost
Ratio (DRCR) value of 0.78 which is smaller than one. However, it does not have competitiveness at the
private price level or does not have a competitive advantage with a Private Cost Ratio (PCR) value of
2.60 which is greater than one.

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