Immunohistochemical Expression Of HPV In Iraqi Patients Suffered From Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (Cross-Sectional Study)

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Sarah Hussein Abdulsada Al- ghuraibawi , Liwaa Hussein Mahdi Al-Kilabi , Rihab H. Almudhafa


The range of thyroid cancer has been increasing steadily lately (the increase is at least 4% annually) and is the fastestrising cancer in the U.S.A, doubling in the past three decades. PTC has a wide range of histological variants, such as
tall cells, columnar cells, diffuse sclerosing, solid/trabecular, and insular variants that are all more aggressive than
conventional papillary thyroid cancers. Despite a closely high range of thyroid cancer and the obtainability of HPV
vaccines to prevent cancer, thyroid cancers have few experiences to figure out the importance of HPV infections.

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