Features Of The Professional Needs Of Heads Of Women’s Clinics In Improving The Level Of Personal Competence And Postgraduate Education

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Polonskaya L. S. , Аrsenyan A. S. , Lusine Surenovna Polonskaya , Anna Samvelovna Arsenyan


Significance. The necessity and urgency of the development of a new model for the organization of
advanced training of heads of resuscitation departments is based on the study of the peculiarities of their
professional duties and corresponding competence needs, personal interest, and motivation to increase
the level of personal competence in certain areas of knowledge and skills.
The purpose of the study is to determine the resuscitation managers of multi-profile hospitals to improve
their knowledge of management and personal competence.
Material and methods. For the study, a test survey was conducted of the heads of 28women’s
consultations of the Central Administrative District (CAO), the North-Eastern Administrative District (NAO)
and the Northern Administrative District (CAO) of Moscow, 18 women’s consultations of the Moscow
Region and 11 women’s consultations of the Tambov Region (average age 40.2+2.3 years) about their
commitment to improving managerial competencies and the need to improve their competence as
This study was accompanied by the use of various methods of statistical analysis, such as analytical,
comparative analysis, sociological (using a test survey), mathematical analysis.
Results. When studying the opinion of managers on the optimal frequency and duration of postgraduate
professional development and improvement, as well as the most effective, in their opinion, forms of
professional development (PD), their direct interest was established, especially in the program
“Management Competence”. In direct relationships, there were no significant differences between the
opinion on the need to increase their competence among the heads of women’s consultations in Moscow,
the Moscow region and the Tambov region (p>0.05).
Conclusion. The data obtained on the needs for improving the level of personal competence among the
heads of women’s clinics will allow us to develop the most appropriate forms of professional development
for them, which can be used for other heads of departments of multidisciplinary hospitals, as well as for
middle-level managers (heads of departments), and the heads of medical organizations themselves. The
practical application of the obtained data consists of using this material in the departments of advanced
training of postgraduate medical education.

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