Relationship Between Serotonin And H.Pylori Infection In Human Body

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Rusul Thabit Hamid , Nour Taqi Khudair , Mustafa Saleam Khalaf


Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is helical form of bacterium and normally present in stomach as normal flora . H. pylori infection able to penetrate of mucous layer of stomach at pathogenesis condition. H. pylori has relationship with lymphomas and ulcers in mucosa layer of stomach, colon and others , therefore individuals infected with H. pylori have a 10% to 20% lifetime risk of developing peptic ulcers. Serotonin hormone is synthesis from essential amino acid (tryptophan) ,and has various function in human body such as happiness, feelings of well-being and stabilizes mood .This hormone act to communication function between nervous cells ,so any reduce of serotonin level can lead to depression condition . This study include selection of 30 subjects classified into group1 (15 subjects) with H.pylori infection cases and group 2 (15 subjects) refer to control . For both groups measured level of serotonin in serum, then compared between them by T-test statistic method and P-value . Current study explained reduce of serotonin hormone level at group 1 comparison with group 2 . Also concluded the study to effect of h.pylori infection on level of serotonin ,this study demonstrated decrease of serotonin level in serum at H.pylori infection cases .

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