Exploring Factors Affecting Permission Marketing In Banking Services

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Dr. Khushboo Sharma , Sonam Kothari


The financial institutions are the integral part of the economic system and innovative trends in banking system
can lead the economy to grow and flourish with the changing dynamics of marketing and advent of digital
technology. Banking services have undergone a massive shift in the operational aspect and it needs to capture
the flexible and easy modes of technological advancement that make customers convenient and help in
introduction of emerging financial technology with the introduction of market shift from offline to online as a
revolutionary impact of digitalisation in Indian banking sector. Permission marketing is a new concept and helps
in restricting the information to be received by the consumer solely possible only in online marketing where
direct marketing has replaced by online marketing. A permission marketing approach results in knowing the
customer, taking permission from the customer to receive the information, segmentation of emails for
personalisation of content, building of a community relationship and developing a long-term trust where
information is passed on only to those customers who are ready to receive the information.

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