Assessment Of The Sexual Level Of Patients With Covid-19 Thorough Evaluation And Analysis Of Sperm And Reproductive Hormones

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Arafat A. Muttar , Barakat abdul razzaq


Since covid-19 has been shown to cause infertility in male patients, this study evaluated the sexual level of covid19 patients using sperm and reproductive hormones. For the covid-19 patients, the semen volume was 2.1ml
smaller than the healthy ones, while the sperm count was 67ml lower than non-covid-19. A substantial difference
in total sperm number was found (36 for covid-19 patients and 103 for non-covid-19), with total sperm numbers of
125.33 for patients and 447.21 x106 for healthy. In other words, the percentage of motile sperm was 21.42 for sick
and 55.26 for healthy. We discovered that covid-19 sperm have less than 33.84% overall motility than healthy
sperm, while the normal morphology revealed for covid-19 patients showed 8.87 per cent less than non-covid-19.
The difference between covid-19 and non-covid-19 testosterone is 130.2NG/DL, while the covid-19 patients had
3.7mIU/mL less FSH than non-covid-19 individuals, indicating that covid-19 reduces FSH. LH in covid-19 patients
was 3.48UI/L lower than the non-covid-19 patients. As a result, we compared covid-19 and non-covid-19 patients'
sex hormone profiles. Therefore, covid-19 has a deleterious effect on sperm properties. Finally, the study adds to
the expanding clinical evidence on covid19's influence on male reproductive health. Future research should focus
on the effect of covid-19 on female fertility.

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