Relationship Between Serum Levels Of Procalcitonin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D In Patients With COVID-19

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Nesreen Ahmed Nasser , Rayah Sulaiman Baban


COVID-19 is a new infectious disease, for which there is currently no treatment. It is therefore necessary
to explore biomarkers to determine the extent of lung lesions and disease severity.
Objective. The study aimed to assess the usefulness of procalcitonin levels in the COVID-19 and to
correlate them with other biomarkers .
Methods. the collected the data, prospectively, all COVID-19 cases admitted in lab private (30) cases
with COVID-19 pneumonia and (30) control . patients had Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain
Reaction (RT-PCR) positive. laboratory analysis of inflammatory indices and organ function was
accomplished for the sum total of cases and controls measured procalcitonin, CRP,B 12,LDH . Result. –
procalcitonin , CRP, LDH, D-dimer levels in patients groups the higher than those in the controls highly
..Conclusion. – In the early stage of COVID-19 procalcitonin levels were positively correlated with
CRP,D-dimer , ferritin, LDH and negative correlated with B12

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