The Toxicity And Biological Effect Of Exposurring To Lead Among The Workers Of Battery Factory In Baghdad/Iraq

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Haider K Hussien , Sarah T Almofarji , Nadira Salman Mohamed , Muhammad Khudair Abbas Jasim and Atheer Alaa Al Haddad


Lead is one of widely distributed heavy metal and cause many biochemical , physiological and genetic damage . When exposure to lead may increase the risk of genetic dysfunction (DNA damage). In this work we study the effect of exposure to the lead for long time period among the battery workers factory in Baghdad . Blood sample were collected during march 2017,we divided the study group into two groups: workers group containing 26 male who were expose to lead through their work and control group containing 10 male in order to compare the result with them. Blood lymphocyte were tested by comet assay, the results showed that an increasing level of DNA damage among the tested workers because of the habit of their work that may induce the risk of DNA damage when compare with control. As well as there is a statistical differences in the lead level of control group and battery workers group p value ( 0.001) in addition to several biomarkers were studied for both worker group and control group

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