Relation Of Gene And Some Biochemical Parameters In Diabetic Patients With Osteoarthritis

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Iltifat Abdulrazzaq Jawad Alsahlanee , İsmail Bayram , Lamees Majid Hameed Al-Janabi


Matrilin-3 is a protein found in the extracellular matrix that is not composed of collagen. The MATN3 gene is found on
the short arm of chromosome 2 region 2p24-p23.Matn3 is found at lower levels in mature articular cartilage (AC), but
its expression is induced through (OA), This pattern of expression indicates that Matrilin-3 has a role in the etiology of
osteoarthritis. Some studies have found that mutations in the MATN3 gene area are a risk factor for OA. this study
aimed to examine the association of the Matn3 (rs77245812) SNP(C/T) gene polymorphism as a risk factor for
osteoarthritis. genotyping of the SNP(C/T) was performed in 50 type2 diabetes with osteoarthritis, 50 osteoarthritis,
and 50 control subjects. Genomic DNA was isolated from venous blood samples, quantified, and subjected to
conventional PCR. statistical analysis showed no association found between Matn3 (rs77245812) and the risk
developing of osteoarthritis, Genotype frequency distribution (X2= 6.25, P-value= 0.18) allelic frequency distribution
(X2= 0.14, P-value = 0.01).

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