Effect Of Bacterial Fertilizer On Some Characteristics Of Two Cultivars Of Barley Hordeum Vulgare.L

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Zahraa Haider Abbas and Ghanim Bahlol Noni


A field experiment was carried out in the winter season (2020-2021) in the Al Bulatif area - Muthanna
governorate using a randomized complete block design with three replications in order to know the
effect of the biological inoculum on some vegetative traits on the growth and yield of two cultivars of
barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) variety ( Buraq and Ibaa 99) and through the results of the statistical
analysis, it was found that the addition of the bio-bacterial inoculum was superior to the comparison
treatment and it gave significant differences in most of the studied traits, and the highest percentage
of increase was in most of the studied characters of barley plant (number of branches, plant height,
leaf area, grain yield , the weight of one thousand grains) and the average traits were (5.297
branches.m-2, 101.35 cm, 16.075 cm2, 53.42 g, 3.015 tons.ha-1) respectively compared to the control
treatment (not adding the biological inoculum).

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