Repellent Activity Of Essential Oils From Artemisia Herba Alba Asso. And Teucrium Polium L. Against Tow Stored Product Insects

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Radhia Arab , Nabila Lemeailbi and Saliha Benhissen


Essential oils extracted from the aerial parts of Artemisia herba alba Asso. and Teucrium polium L. was tested under laboratory conditions for repellent activity against two stored product insects, the Confused Flour Beetle, Tribolium confusum Jacquelin du Val (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) and Lesser Grain-borer ; Rhyzopertha dominica F. (Coleoptera : Bostrichidae). The essential oils of each plant were obtained by hydrodistillation method. Repellency activity studied at 0,031; 0,062; 0.094 and 0,125 μl/cm² doses. The essential oil of A. herba alba exhibited significantly stronger repellency effects; as at 0,125 μl/cm² oil dose caused 90 and 76.68 % repellency of T. confusum and R. dominica, respectively. At the highest dosage 0,125 μl/cm² repellency effects of T. polium oil against T. confusum and R. dominica were 76.68 and 50.02 %, respectively. According to the results obtained, it can be concluded that T. polium oil (Repulsion Mean 76.68%) recorded a very significant repellent effect against Tribolium confusum adults exceeds that of A. herba alba, and A. herba alba oil (Repulsion Mean 58.35%) recorded a very significant repellent effect against R. dominica adults exceeds that of T. polium.

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