Eco Friendly Management Of Brinjal Borers Through Indigenous Plant Extracts

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Toheed Iqbal , Kajal Sana , Robina Karim , Kiran Shahjeer , Fazal Said , Azra Nadeem , Salman Ahmad and Ihteshamul Haq


A study was started to compare the efficacy of various phytoconstituents to a synthetic chemical for managing
borers in brinjal fields. For the study, a farmer field with consistent agronomic techniques was chosen. The study
included six treatments (Lambda cyhalothrin, Chili garlic extract, Chili garlic + onion extract, Bakain (Melia
azedarach) leaf extract + Neem (Azadirachta indica) oil, Bakain (M. azedarach) leaf extract + Bakain (M. azedarach)
fruit extract, Bakain (M. azedarach) leaf extract) and an untreated control that were replicated three times. For
data analysis, the statistical model Randomized Complete Block Design was used. Means were separated by 5%
level of significance using LSD test in the statistical package Statistix 8.1. According to the results of the current
study, it was observed that after the first, second, and third sprays, Lambda cyhalothrin (11.19, 5.05, 3.88) proved
to be the most effective treatment against brinjal shoot infestation, followed by botanical, Chili garlic extract
(11.75, 8.57, 7.96), and Chili garlic + Onion extract (12.91, 8.84, 8.65). Plots treated with Lambda cyhalothrin (2.86,
0.00) had the lowest percent fruit infestation after the first and second sprays, followed by botanicals Bakain leaf
extract + Neem oil (8.16, 1.69) and Chili garlic extract (11.6, 2.76). Lambda Cyhalothrin plots produced the most
commercial yield (10370 kg hec-1
) followed by Chili garlic extract (9019 kg hec-1
) and Bakain leaf extract + Neem Oil
(9000 kg hec-1
). The yield obtained from untreated control plot, was the lowest of all treatments. Best results
among all the botanical treatments were obtained by combining bakain leaves extract with bakain fruit extract.
Bakain leaf extract + Bakain fruit extract had the highest Cost Benefit Ratio (28.07), followed by Bakain leaf extract
(27.24). Chili garlic extract, as well as bakain leaves extract+ neem oil, may successfully control brinjal shoot and
fruit borer with maximum yield. However, when compared to other plant extracts, Bakain leaves extract + Bakain
fruit extract has the best cost-benefit ratio.

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