The Utilization Of Landsat Imagery For Valuing Forest Environmental Service In Controling Pneumoia Incidence Rate Under The Scenario Of Global Warming: Study At Lampung Province_Sumatera

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Samsul Bakri , Virginia Ramos , Betta Kurniawan , Agus Setiawan , and Bainah Sari Dewi


Since the last decade, prior to the emergence of COVID-19, the incidence of pneumonia, pneumonia in Indonesia has steadily increased (Minister of Health RI, 2020) along with deforestation phenomenon (Adhyaksa et al, 2019) and global warming (Mirsaeidi et al, 2016). Forest recovery ecosystem is a must to negate this disease. This research was conducted on determining the economic value of the ecosystem service to compensate reforestation program. This research was conducted in Lampung Province started from May to October 2021, by utilizing of Landsat imagery series of 2009, 2012, 2015, 2018, and 2019 for detecting forest covers. The effect on the incidence of pneumonia was determined using multiple linear regression models and to make some simulations work for estimating the reforestation costs. The results prove that the increasement air temperature, and the changes area of state forests, people’s forests, bare land, plantations, and urban areas affect the incidence of pneumonia significantly. The determination of the value of environmental services for public costs is required at IDR 942,227,915,- from the maintenance cost of IDR 249,216,000, the cost of reforestation at the state forest area of 5,907,792 Ha and the people’s forest of 6,040,689 Ha in case the air temperature increase up to 2°C as the way to mitigate the global warming.

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